AccessAble Frequently Asked Questions



AccessAble is an easy-to-use system designed to simplify benefits administration. With real-time integration to USAble Life’s group administration system, your online experience is faster and more efficient than ever.

AccessAble User Account

Who do I call for assistance with existing log-in credentials?
Group administrators may use the Forgot User ID or Password feature on the login page or contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or

Employees may call their group administrator to unlock their account or reset their password. Group administrators open the employee’s profile, go to Online Account, and select the desired action.

How can I request credentials for a new user?
New users can register for an account at and select the Create an Account header. USAble Life will follow up with the requestor if additional information is needed, and once the request is approved.

Employees may also register using the custom employee access link provided by the group administrator.

How do I disable or update a user account?
Group administrators can contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or to disable another group administrator’s account or update their billing, claims, or enrollment related privileges.

Employees who have an online account will automatically lose access when a group administrator processes their termination.

How do I turn on the employee self-service feature?
Group administrators can contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or to request enabling the employee self-service. Once this feature is enabled, the employee access link, with embedded employer PIN that associates members to the employer account, can be found under Company, then Group Information.

Billing and Payments

When will my bill generate?
USAble Life typically generates monthly bills. To determine the date for your company, see the date provided for Will Generate On by going to Company, then Group Information found under Billing and Bill Dates.

What happens if I click the Rebill Available prompt?
Once a bill generates, AccessAble recognizes if transactions completed by a group administrator would result in additional premium due or credit adjustments. AccessAble allows group administrators to recalculate the bill once per month using the Rebill Available feature. If the feature is not used, the adjustments will get applied when the next month’s bill generates.

How do I change the billing type or bill generation date?
Group administrators can contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or to request changes to bill method or type (e.g., from advance to current billing cycle or list-bill to online-bill). Please note that a signed change form may be required to confirm the approval of the change.

How far back do you provide payment and billing history?
AccessAble allows you to look back up to 12 rolling months from the current bill cycle. If you need assistance with payment billing history for a period beyond that, contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or

Can I pay my premiums by check even if I have online billing?
Yes, USAble Life accepts payments by check or electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you prefer to pay with a check, please send payment with a completed Remittance Form to ensure your payment is processed accurately. The Remittance Form is the first page of the PDF bill download and is found under Billing & Payment, then select View & Pay, choose Download, then Download & Print.

How do I set up EFT for premium payments?
Go to Billing & Payments, select Bank Management, then choose Add New Account to enter banking information. You may create several accounts if necessary. Specify the bank account to use when you choose Pay Bill or Auto Draft.

Can I set up an auto-draft for my employer-paid plans and still receive bills for voluntary plans?
Yes, if your bills are set up to be separated by benefit type, location, cost center, etc. When you set up auto-draft under Billing & Payments, you must specify which bill group to apply this feature to and the bank account to be used for the auto draft.

Employee Enrollment and Maintenance

How do I add a new hire?
Create a new employee profile by selecting the Add Employee prompt at the top of the Home or Employees page. Complete all required fields. Benefits that are 100% employer-paid will be automatically added to their profile. If contributory or voluntary benefits are offered, group administrators may complete enrollment to elect benefits on behalf of the employee. If member self-service is enabled, group administrators may also use the Send Email Invite option so the employee can log in to make elections.

How do I update or terminate an employee?
Open an existing employee’s profile using the Find Employee feature at the top of the Home or Employees page. Select the employee’s name or the Manage prompt and select the desired action from the Maintenance menu options.

How far back can I add a new hire or make changes?
AccessAble allows group administrators to initiate transactions with an effective date that is within the past 120 days. Beyond 120 days, contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or

How do I update an employee’s voluntary benefits?
To initiate annual enrollment or qualifying life event benefit changes for an employee, open their profile, and select Manage Benefits. If you are within your annual enrollment window, which is 30 days from the start of your next plan year in AccessAble, you will see an Annual Enrollment prompt. Otherwise, you must select on the appropriate event then choose Continue Editing Benefits.

Why can’t I see the voluntary benefits for an employee?
When you open an existing employee’s profile to review elections, you may need to adjust the View As Of date. AccessAble determines benefit effective dates in accordance with your benefit plan design; if the benefit is future effective, simply change the View As Of date. You can also change the View As Of date to review benefits in prior months.

Can a group administrator enter an employee’s beneficiary designations?
Beneficiaries are a view-only feature for group administrators. Designations may be submitted online by an employee if member self-service is enabled. Once submitted, the information is visible to group administrators.

Group Documents and Forms

How do I obtain a copy of my policies and certificates?
Your policies, certificates, and general benefit summaries are available to download by going to Reports, then Documents. If you offer plans with age-based rate structures, USAble Life will also post annual increase notices to this section.

Please note that access to documents may be limited based on your access type. If you do not see any documents, please contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or

Where do I go to add or update my company’s contact and address information?
This information can be updated using the Edit feature by going to Company, then Group Information.

Where can I get a benefits summary?
Your company’s account structure is available by going to Company, then Group Information. Provided under each class is a link for the benefit details. Select the link and expand the specific benefits that you want to review. You may also select Expand All at the top, and print as necessary. The plan design, including eligibility rules, benefit parameters, and rates, is conveniently available online.

You may also navigate to Reports, then Documents to check if a general Benefit Summary is posted for you to download. If you do not see one, contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or

What is an Action Item?
AccessAble recognizes when there is a task or action item that requires group administrator attention and sends weekly reminders of those tasks until they are completed. To review action items, group administrators can select the prompt or tile from the Home page. Group administrators can proceed to complete, send a reminder if employee self-service is enabled, or close the item.

Where can I get administration forms?
Forms that you may need to administer your benefits (e.g., such as Beneficiary Change, Evidence of Insurability, and Dependent Authorization forms) are conveniently available within employees’ profiles under Follow-Up & Forms. A link for other forms is under Help & Support or by going to

Reporting Features

Which report will show me the payroll deduction changes that I need to make?
Go to Reports, then Reports and Data Exports, to generate a Payroll Report that captures changes initiated by a group administrator and/or member users within a specified period. Please note this is a changes-only report. For a full report, generate a Benefit Participation Report.

What is the difference between an Enrollment Report and Benefit Participation Report?
The Enrollment Report captures adds, changes, and drops made during an Annual Enrollment period. The user specified the event as Annual Enrollment instead of a qualifying life event when initiating the transaction. Please note this is a changes-only report. For a full report, generate a Benefit Participation Report, which lists all members and their benefits as of a specified Effective Date.

Where can I get census information?
Current employee demographics and benefits information may be exported by going to Employees, then Export Employee List. To see information as of a chosen date, go to Reports, then Reports and Data Exports, then go to Benefit Participation Report and choose an Effective Date. AccessAble reports generate as spreadsheets that you may easily modify, sort, or filter as needed.

How can I tell who submitted an add, change, or drop?
AccessAble logs all transactions and offers some options for determining who submitted the changes. For a quick search, go to Reports, then Transactions, and search within a specified date range. You may also filter results by Name or Event, and AccessAble will display the initiator.

You may also go to Reports and generate a Transaction Event Report for a specified date range. This report includes a Submitted By field to confirm who made the add, change, or drop.


Please visit to review Common Employee Claims Questions, Common Employer Questions, and Benefit-Specific Claim Questions.

What kind of claims related information can I see in AccessAble?
Go to Claims to see the status and the definitions for the different statuses. You may filter results by Employee Name, Claim Number, Claim Status, Claim Type, or a combination.

If a claim is incomplete, you may select Claim Number to review Details and Forms Needed. If a claim is Approved or Closed-Paid, you may select Claim Number to review payment details, including withholdings, check number, and whether the check has cleared or is outstanding.

How do I find out why a claim was denied?
Due to the sensitive nature of claims and to protect health information, AccessAble does not provide a reason for denial. Claimants may contact Customer Care at 800-370-5856 or to request to speak with a Claims Analyst regarding their claim.

How do I search for disability claims only?
AccessAble captures Disability, Life, and Supplemental claims. To filter by a specific benefit, select Claim Type, then Search.

Where can I find a claim form?
Claim forms are state- and benefit-specific. To find a claim form, go to Claims and select the Need to Start a Claim link or visit At this page, you can download claim forms for your state and product and review guides to learn about USAble Life’s claims process.